I’m headed out to Stitches this Saturday, to go to the Marketplace and get some probably unnecessary yarn and needles and books. Sucks that I have to go all the way out to Atlantic City nowadays–wish it were still in King of Prussia, which is about half as far. Eh, whatever, I’ve rented a car and will zip on over in the morning. I’m going to meet my mom there, we’ll do lunch, and then we’ll shop. With any luck, she’ll buy me some stuff :) Unfortunately, no Jaax this year, and I don’t know if my friend Osprey will be there–I haven’t talked to her in ages. Let’s hope I run into her. The Marketplace isn’t that big, and I’ve always managed to run into people I know there.

In an attempt to be “smart” about my purchases, I’ve been trying to think of things that I’ll be looking for. Because while I know that I’m going to be buying yarn just because I like it, I should think carefully about what sorts of things I’m looking for. For instance:

Yarn to make myself a cardigan to leave in the office. Not sure what style yet, but I can at least think about the kind of color and gauge I’d want in such a garment.

Needles–the Union Square Market Pullover will require dpns in size 3, which I don’t think I have. Also, it’d be nice to start filling out my collection. I also really want to teach myself magic loop, so I should buy a very long circular.

What colors am I looking for? Well, as I mentioned, I’d love something in an icy blue. Browns. Maybe colorful wools to make more Lopi Totes. And that KidSilk Haze that everyone’s raving about? I think I gotta get me some.

This is what I think about in spare moments these days. They’re pleasant thoughts.

Here’s a random shot I took of one of my plants, to keep this post visually interesting. I love the way the new blade is curling up on itself. Elegant.

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