I actually just hemmed two pairs of pants. Let’s all take a moment, please. It’s a momentous occasion.

Sewing and I are not best friends. Jaax and I took a class a few years ago, learned how to make some things, but my sewing machine and I were never in love. I tried to make some dresses, but the whole cutting thing was too intimidating. Unlike knitting, you kind of have to get it exactly right or the pieces won’t line up.

So, I mostly just hem pants these days. But in my head, this is a huge production, a pain in the butt, and more effort than I want to expend. Hence something I avoid. Still, I’m 5’4″ (maybe 5’5″), and pants these days are cut for women 6 feet tall, so I’m left having to hem. I had three pairs to do, but have quit after two pairs because the last pair has a lining, and that really should count as two pairs in one, and well, four hemmings in one morning? All before 10 am? Nope, can’t do it, sorry.

But now that I’ve done the priority two, I can finally, finally wear the new jeans I got, ones that fit. And a pair of Anthropologie pants I got on sale for $30. (Incidentally, I had been shopping with a 6-foot-tall friend at the time, and she bought the exact same pair. It was so funny to each come out of the dressing room with these pants on–I’m dragging at least 5 inches, but they fit her perfectly.)

A friend (a shorter-than-me friend, incidentally) and I are talking about driving out to “the country” today to get some squash and apples and such. I think the new jeans will make their debut.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Isn’t it unbelievable how tall designers seem to expect women to be? I buy Gap jeans in ankle (aka “short”) length, and they still drag on the ground. And while I’m no giant, I’m not exactly way below average height (probably 5’4). I seriously can’t imagine more than 2 percent of the population is buying Gap jeans in “long” length!

    Good for you for hemming!

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