it’s my holiday!

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday, after Thanksgiving (with my birthday attached, of course). In the past, I’ve had a Valentine Cookie decorating party. This year would have been the 7th annual, but with my small apartment and ultrabusy lifestyle, I couldn’t make it work. So sad! So I’m going to share some favorite shots from the past right now.

valentine cookies


This year, however, I did get my act together to mail Valentines, and old tradition that I’d let slide. I used to make my own cards with random witty messages, but this year I went with purchased cards for nearly everyone. My best friend, however, got a card that I’ve been thinking about and planning for literally years. I’m pleased as punch with how it came out. Click to see it big enough to read what I wrote.

Valentine for my best friend

She called me the moment she got it to exclaim, “I didn’t know you loved me THAT much!”

So to all of you, I say, a Happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy some lamb or other food you love that much, and remember those that you love. I’m thankful to have so very many people who love me in my life–and I love you all!

with the gorgeous bouquet my parents sent!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Oh man, further reminders that I’ve had a baked-good-less Valentine’s Day.

    In my valentine to Matt this morning I wrote that I wanted to put my love for him in the strongest possible terms, and what I came up with was “I love you more than I love knitting.” I like the idea of extrapolating this to all other loves, customized by recipient. (He didn’t believe me, by the way.)

    Thank you again for my Valentine!

  2. Liz K says:

    Glad this first singleton-in-a-long-time Valentines Day still has you in good spirits. Is it possible for you to be a humbug when sweets are involved? I think not!

  3. Oiyi says:

    The cookies look too good to eat. A Valentine Cookie Decorating party sounds awesome! Too bad the 7th one couldn’t happen. I could have volunteered my place if you supplied the cookies.

  4. knittingphilistine says:

    Yay for well- and overly-decorated frosted sugar cookies! Every holiday should consist of a cookie decorating party. No cookies here, but my V-day did involve some made-from-scratch flan. Mmmmm!

  5. Lolly says:

    What a sweet bouquet from the parents! The flowers look lovely :)
    Great looking cookies too – I feel my stomach grumbling!

    Happy (belated) V day, girl!

  6. MeBeth says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day – I used to love making my own cards, I don’t know why I stopped that tradition. Maybe I’ll take it up again next year!

  7. nona says:

    What an excellent Valentine’s card. Although lamb is very high on my list, we enjoyed some awesome fresh salmon cakes for our Valentine’s Day dinner.

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