eye candy friday

Taken with my camera phone. The day I took these pictures at M&J Trimmings was the first time in 2007 I didn’t have my camera on me! They’re not as pretty, perhaps, but they’re still cool. The top one is now the background on my phone, and makes me smile whenever I open it up.





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  1. MeBeth says:

    Possibly my favorite store on earth. I go in there and just want to attach ribbons to every article of clothing I own. Once I was even struck with the urge to bedazzle. Fortunately I got it under control.

  2. Chante says:

    I just found out yesterday that MJ is right up the block from my job. I can’t believe that I’ve never been there before. I’ll be hittin them up today for lunch for some supplies for a drawstring bag. I was debating on going with all the rain and stuff but your pictures just convinced me that it’s well worth the 3 block walk:-)

  3. Rachel says:

    Crap, I accidentally posted before I was finished typing, and now I look illiterate (what with the period being left off above).

    Anyway, all I said in addition was that I agree that the top one is particularly appealing. I saw it on Flickr before I saw this post and my eyes were immediately drawn to it. I can see how it would make a great phone background.

  4. Janet says:

    Hi there! I’m de-lurking to profess my undying love of pretty ribbons… i have almost zero use for them, yet i’m obsessed nonetheless. I went on the spree for awhile where I made like one billion ribbon belts for me and all of my friends, but it turns out that one *can* actually own too many belts, and I eventually had to stop.

    Also, I should say that you inspired me to knit Fetching in your post awhile back, and I shall be enternally grateful… it’s rare that something that take so little time to knit is this satisfying :)

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