the Leyburn Socks are done!

And here they are, in my dark-apartment glory. I finished them on Friday and blocked them to get the kinks out (the design process took a few tries with these), and was determined to post them today even though it’s overcast and gray (thus not much light in the apartment) and too cold to do an outdoor shoot.

Leyburn Socks

I wish the photos were better, since the yarn is so dark, but you’ve seen the trellis at work and hopefully can make it out well enough.

I even finished writing up the pattern and everything, though I will admit that I just threw it together and didn’t ask anyone to read it over, so please let me know if there’s something wrong and I’ll make whatever tweaks I need to. Like I said for the Bainbridges, when I remember how and/or have time to make an individual pattern page I’ll do that.

Pattern: Leyburn Socks UPDATE: Free download on Ravelry!
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM
Needles: 2.5 mm – KnitPicks or Addi Turbo “US 2″s which are between 1s and 2s according to my needle gauge
Started: Before Christmas. Required much jiggering of numbers in order to make a pair of socks that could fit over one’s heel. Started “for reals” Monday, February 19
Finished: Friday, March 2
Notes: I’m not sure what else I want to say about these. I had many fittings with the recipient, for whom I designed them specifically (and for whom they are named), which led to an increase of stitches right before the heel, to make getting the sock on and off easier, and a decrease of stitches directly before the cuff, to tighten the cuff up a bit. She’s expressed much love every time I’ve shown them to her, and I hope she loves them!

365.63 • Leyburn Socks

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  1. MeBeth says:

    It looks like a great pattern, I like the flexibility of fooling around with different toes/heels too. (But I’m going to have to make it a little bigger to fit my chubby foot.) I think I’ll even make them in the same color – I already have the Koigu in my stash.

  2. Ashley says:

    So gorgeous. I’ll be adding some solid ‘gu to my NYC shopping list for sure. Meanwhile, you need to stop giving these patterns away and start submitting them for publication!

  3. Jessica Rose says:

    Fabulous. I can’t wait to co for these. And actually have some sock yarn in my stash that would be perfect.

    Thanks so much for the wonderful patterns. Keep them coming.

  4. gleek says:

    oooh! i love these!! i’m adding it to my delicious account :)

    actually, my addi turbos size 2.5mm have “US #1” written on them. i wonder if it’s because i bought them from a seller in singapore? weird.

  5. nova says:

    The socks are fanatastic, truly. I am in agreement with Ashley, though I do appreciate and will eventually benfit from your kind generosity, you should think about submitting your patterns for publication–but maybe you are all for knitting for the greater good? In any case, the socks are fantastic, FANTASTIC I say!

  6. Kelly says:

    Wow, you did it again – another great sock pattern. Definitely worth all the ripping and reknitting and I’m sure your friend will agree.

  7. Dipsy D. says:

    These socks are absolutely fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful pattern, they’re already high up on my “Have to do” list!

  8. Rachel says:

    This is my favorite design of yours to date. I am tempted to make some for me. I admit I am a little nervous about fit, because I tend to wing it with my socks and count on stretchiness to make things work out, but for socks this lovely I might be willing to try harder.

    I’m so impressed!

  9. Vismajor says:

    These are great socks! I found them by way of the Yarn Harlot’s blog; she’s working on a pair in some really busy yarn, and the pattern both accentuates & tames the wildness of the yarn’s colors. Thanks for sharing the pattern! :)

  10. KnitPurlGurl says:

    LOVE the pattern.. but I’m extremely new to socks and a magic loop knitter to boot. So I’m a little scared to try this pattern yet, but I will definitely keep it in mind.

  11. Mandi says:

    I absolutely LOVE this pattern. Thank you so much for sharing it!

    I have a question for you– I’m working on modifying the pattern to be top-down with a heel flap but still using the quilted lace pattern. I was wondering if it would be OK to share my modifications on my blog (with credit & link to you of course, and without reprinting the lace directions — just describing how I changed the heel & toe)?

  12. Summer says:

    Help! I am working on row 3 of the lattice pattern and I just can’t seem to get it right. I currently have 35 sts on the instep due to the sl5 wyif. I just can’t get it right. Do I have too many sts? when you have the yif and then knit it creates another st so should I have knit some of them together? I’m confused! Please help me!

  13. Summer says:

    With some help from Ravelry…I have it figured out! Thanks anyway! I am loving the pattern though.

  14. Eliana says:

    Lovely !
    and thanks for the pattern
    Im brasylian end my english is not so well
    bur I like to say thank you

  15. ari says:

    what a lovely pattern! I saw the socks from the yarn harlot website. I made a pair for my son in shibui- the light blue-navy-burnt orange colorway- they were the most beautiful things I’ve ever knit.

    However, my son is nine, with the coltish legs of a child, and so the socks did not fit, even with three re-knittings.

    This ends well, though. I showed them to his kindergarten teacher, and they fit her tiny little feet perfectly. It was really funny. I showed her one sock, and was talking about re-knitting it again, and, first off, she didn’t hand the sock back- she held onto it,- and second, she was coming up with all the reasons I should NOT rejigger the pattern, but should resign myself to finding a person with small feet- such as herself.

    She is a wonderful teacher, a wonderful person, and I am so happy that I was able to make something special that pleases her. I hope it makes her very long days much better.

    It’s a lovely pattern. The texture is marvelous. Thank you for sharing your pattern.


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