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Other bloggers occasionally check in on past knits to report on how they’ve held up with regular use. I figure, since I’m a total knitting slacker these days, it would be nice to start some kind of reminiscence series, in which I take a look back from time to time. First up, Pam!

No, not Pam. Pam!

365.232 • brr

I knit this cardigan in November 2005–I finished it right before I headed to Portland for Thanksgiving. That winter I wore it a lot, but I’ve worn it sporadically since then.

The yarn, Debbie Bliss Wool Cotton, has held up really well. There’s no pilling, no fraying, no nothing. The seams are taut and secure–perhaps more a testament to my own abilities than the yarn, but even with the weight of this cardigan (and it is pretty hefty) it’s not pulling badly.

I’ve since decided that it’s a bit too short–as you can see, it skims my belt and sometimes needs to be tugged to feel as if it’s operating correctly. But then, perhaps it would “operate” more correctly if I, uh, had actually finished the cardigan. As in, attached the buttons.

The day I finished this cardigan I was home, sick with a head cold. This was back in Philly, when I lived right at the end of Fabric Row, and I vividly remember that I dragged myself outside only once that day, to walk a block and a half to buy buttons. So I have buttons for this cardigan. They’re here somewhere. But I wasn’t entirely satisfied with them (they’re black) and, well, the cardigan didn’t really need them. I do pull it over in front and cross my arms to hold it down when it’s particularly chilly, as it was today (in the 60s all day, in August!?). I think perhaps a belt would have been a nicer feature than the buttonholes with no corresponding buttons.

All in all, still a successful knit. I might like it if the collar were a bit bigger, but when I said that to people at the office today, they said no no, it’s great as is. And then one said, “I think you should give it to me.”

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  1. nova says:

    I think the grabby co-worker definately had the right idea. I was ignorant of knitting blogs in 2005; and, so I never met Pam. So I will comment on Pam now. I like her, she is fantastic. I see nothing wrong with her whatsoever (I like the other Pam too). I like it when people revisit their knits. It’s helpful. Danke.

  2. Liz K says:

    Isn’t Wool Cotton discontinued? Go figure. A DB yarn that doesn’t shred upon the first wear, and THAT’S the one that gets discontinued.

  3. stacey says:

    Both Pam’s rock! I tend not to put closures on cardi’s either – not sure why. Maybe it’s having the future options or just laziness….

  4. Veronique says:

    I’ve had the same thing happen to me! I’ve since learned to not complain too much about my FOs…
    I’m surprised that Pam is heavy. I guess the cotton content makes the yarn a little dense? I started using a merino yarn for this project, and it seemed super light.
    The important thing is that it looks great on you and that you like it!

  5. Jennie says:

    I started reading your blog around the time you knit this sweater… in fact, it was before I had a blog of my own. i remember loving it then, and i love it now. maybe i should make it… :)

  6. the other pam says:

    Pam is lovely! I remember seeing her before, and thinking she looked very cozy, with all her thick cottony cables.

    Ditto what Liz said about the DB yarn — of *course* they would discontinue the yarn that doesn’t become a fuzzy pilly mess after one wearing. :P

  7. Mia says:

    I like that sweater. And you are right it would probably be a tad better if it is was just a little bit longer. I am too lazy to go hunting. So what pattern is it?

  8. Elinor says:

    (laughing about Liz K’s comment…)

    I had some fading issues with wool/cotton but it gives such fabulous stitch definition that it was totally worth it. It wore well for me too. It looks great! I like your coworker’s comment too. It puts things in perspective for us knitters. :-)

  9. HibiscuitsGirl says:

    People wanting to steal your stuff is the highest compliment they can pay, really. I like this series idea! It’s good info on how yarns unfamiliar to me hold up over time.

  10. Carol says:

    It does look great! Makes me think I should dig out the cardigan I knitted up and partially seamed. Except I have to unpick the seam at the shoulder because it’s too tight…..sigh…

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