unfinished business

Answering some recent questions . . .

Left Unfinished #1


Many of you asked about the many many lovely small skeins of yarn I got as a birthday present. They’re Koigu, sample sizes. A friend had received them but she’s not as much of a knitter as I am. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do with them, but keen observers noticed that I’d arranged them in a deliberate sequence of progressing colors . . . because I’ve got entrelac on the brain. Note that I’ve never done entrelac before, but how hard can it be? For now, though, the yarn is marinating in a box under the couch. First I need to wait for a night when all I’m in the mood to do is wind yarn on the ball winder. (You can’t force nights like that.)

Left Unfinished #2

I had a contest! Remember? I asked for advice for my newly 30 self. The responses were quite varied, and ranged from the mollifying to the enthusiastic. Personally, I preferred the enthusiastic–no way should anyone be worried about turning 30! I had two prizes to give out–a copy of Folk Socks and a skein of Neighborhood Fiber Company sock yarn (I know I didn’t tell you that that was what it was going to be, but that’s what I have to give). My father was regularly checking the comments, and he couldn’t help weighing in on who should win. I had intended to go with some kind of random number, but he was partially impartial enough for me! (That is, it’s not like he knows one of your from another and could have been playing some kind of preconceived favorites. Plus, my blog, my rules.) I’m happy to announce the winner of the book is Nell, and the yarn goes to Serenknitity! (The book/yarn designation was totally random–it’s not as if he said “I think the yarn is best for her” or anything, and to me they’re equally wonderful gifts. I hope you feel the same way.) Congrats, and thanks everyone for playing! I’ve emailed the winners to ask for addresses, but here’s a reminder to get in touch.

Left Unfinished #3

Jenn tagged me for a meme. I’m a month late and a dollar short, but I figured, hey, I’ll play! I’ve done these kinds of things before, but I’ll try to come up with new and interesting things. “Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.”

  1. When I’m waiting to meet a friend, I always fear that I won’t recognize him or her. It’s been pointed out to me that I have no experience of having not recognized someone (also: for some reason I think the sole responsibility for recognizing falls on my shoulders), but the worry comes up nonetheless. This happens no matter how long I’ve known someone–20 years or 2 months–and I inevitably recognize my friend from more than a block away by gait alone.
  2. Speaking of gait, I am generally very good at identifying someone by just the sound of their footfalls. This skill was first developed in college, when you hear people walking up and down the hall at all times, and it has been since honed in office settings.
  3. You know how a strand of your own hair will come unattached from your head and fall to the floor? Only it almost never falls right to the floor–it settles on your shirt and tickles the back of your arm? This annoys me so much that I am constantly reaching around and grabbing at my arm/shirt to hopefully grasp any stray hairs to get rid of them. I don’t know if I’m particularly sensitive to this, but the slightest end of a strand of hair out of place drives me crazy.
  4. I’m one of those people who can smell the asparagus in my pee. Apparently–I read this in a book once–the agent that causes the smell is always there, it’s just that some people can smell it and others can’t.
  5. I believe that certain artificial flavors–notably “grape” and anything that uses the word “blue” or crazy blue packaging–don’t taste like anything but that color. That is, things labeled “grape” actually just taste purple, and “Sharkelberry Fin” Kool-Aid (which is raucously blue) just tastes like blue. This theory is particularly convenient when it comes to orange things. (ha!)

So there are my 5 weird facts. In case you didn’t notice, they’re all about the senses.


OK! With unfinished business out of the way, I can happily move onto finished business. And then some new unfinished business, which will eventually turn into finished business, and–hey!–I seem to have discovered the trick to this knitblogging thing!

9 Responses to unfinished business

  1. Sam says:

    I’m working my first entrelac project right now! Its sort of like turning your first heel– just do exactly what the instructions say even if they don’t make sense yet. I’m making a tam out of Noro Silk Garden and the yarn plus the technique make this a project I’ll likely repeat. Go for it!!

  2. Zarah says:

    I agree with Sam. I just finished a Lady Eleanor scarf as my first entrelac project, and it’s really not hard at all. Just trust the instructions and you’ll figure it out in no time!

  3. maryse says:

    oh i can smell asparagus in my pee and sometimes i can smell that smell very faintly even if i haven’t eaten asparagus which tells me that i’m either imaging things or that whatever compound smells like asparagus in my pee is present in other foods that we eat just not in as high amounts.

    i think entrelac is an excellent idea for all of those skeins. it’s not hard at all.

  4. meg says:

    I share the same fear as you expressed in #1 – even worried I won’t recognise my parents when meeting them at the airport. Strange. But I can’t say I have the asparagus whiffing talent. Happy new year to you!

  5. Rachel says:

    I think I’ve seen you do that hair-grabbing thing, now that you mention it. I’m like that with sleep in my eyes in the morning — I’m incredibly sensitive to it and am giving myself premature wrinkles (although someday soon I’m going to have to face up to the fact that they can no longer reasonably be called premature) by constantly pulling at the skin around my eyes.

    Way to go finally wrapping up your contest from several weeks ago.

  6. Jen says:

    I’m always worried about recognizing people too. I hate it the most when the place to meet them is kind of vague. Like even if you say the clock at Grand Central, there are so many sides to it (being a circle) and they could be either close or far away. Drives me nuts! I’ve taken to naming specific stores to meet at to allieve my anxiety then I worry will they be in the store or in front?? You can’t win!

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