the year in craft

In which I look back at all that I’ve made this past year.

Let’s start with the knitting—this is, at its core, a knitting blog after all.

knits in 09

The total here might look paltry . . . and, well, it is! Seven? That’s it? Really? Did I forget to tag something and put it in the set? Hm . . . I know that the scarf took me no more than a week, the cowl something like 2 days. . . . What was I doing with my time?

Oh, that’s right: “secret” projects. More on those in a bit.

Probably the most satisfying thing I did this year was really invest my time in crocheting. I’ve always known how to crochet, but I mostly ignored the craft—sure, in 08 I made Dhoby, the monkey, but that felt like an exception, not the rule. But this year I started working at Crochet Today part time, and it only made sense that I would suddenly want only to crochet, being surrounded by it all day long. Still mostly just small projects, but fun ones!

crochet in 09

But this mosaic doesn’t even address all the things I crocheted this year . . . yes, more secrets. (Revealed below.)

I sewed this year too—seems I average one sewn project a year these days, though I buy more fabric than gets used. I foresee more sewing in 2010, definitely.

10.25.09 log cabin squares, done!

oh, and

i sewed me a square!

But one major reason my productivity is seemingly small is that I was involved in quite a few projects I kept secret. Two projects went to Caro and Stitchy for their “bookbookbook.” Several others are my own designs-in-progress, which need some srs TLC in the coming year.

Three were patterns for Crochet Today (under my real name; still working to figure out how to best link that to Minty). But only 2 are out yet:

Gifts_Scarf coaster

And the coolest secret project I worked on was to make the white backgrounds for this video demonstrating the tabs function in Google Chrome OS! I didn’t make the first white bg you see, but I did the second and third—and I did them both in one painful, RSI-inducing day. I’m still not clear who of my readers suggested me to the production company, but a big “thank you!” because that was one of the more fun things I’ve been involved with.

So in some ways it doesn’t look like much, but in others this year was a big one for me, craft wise. I’ve got lots of creative mojo gearing up for 2010: I think it’s going to be great!

8 Responses to the year in craft

  1. Liz says:

    I have had crochet on my mind this year! Those coasters are adorable & the giant granny square-a-long is intriguing me too. Hmmm. Must be time to stop ignoring my crochet hooks, I think.

  2. Annete D says:

    Well, that sure inspires me to improve my “to do” list for 2010. I loved your work, and also it has been presented really well- great photos. keep it up!

  3. JanieB says:

    Wow that video is brilliant! Happy New Year! Have yet to find a creative crochet mojo myself, but will definitely keep up the knitting…

  4. thaxx says:

    Oooh yay! That’s exciting! looks like you’ve caught the fab craft virus. I have it too. commiserations ;)



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