knitterly retreat

This long weekend, my best knitter friends and I met up at a former barn-turned-meditation-center-now-airbnb-rental in rural Connecticut—it is our ninth such get together in six years! We played in the picture-perfect snow a little, but we mostly sat in our claimed spots on the couches, knit, and watched the Olympics. Oh, and we ate our weight in cheese and homemade bread. It was nothing short of perfect, except half of our group couldn’t make it this time.

knitting with friends


follow your arrow shawl


photo shoot


diana and specs


I knit on my Frankenshawl—I mean, my Follow Your Arrow. I finished Clue 4 but had forgotten to bring another ball of the yarn along. We also shot a quilt I finished and brought with me, but I can’t show you that yet!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Gah, apparently I didn’t — my phone just rudely deleted my first comment mid-composition. Anyway, it was very me-focused (perhaps my phone was telling me to shut up?) about how any time I have seen reference to one of these gatherings — once upon a time conceived as KnitBlogCon, right? — I have a “Sliding Doors” moment, since I missed the first one because I was pregnant and every subsequent one because of the after-effects of that pregnancy. I love my kids, but this life doesn’t look half bad either. Sniff — for slightly different reasons than Ashley.

    All that whining aside, it does make me happy to see how this tradition has continued for you all. Looks divine! And I’m glad it wasn’t sabotaged by the snow.

  2. AngelaH says:

    Look at you wearing your enormous Color Affection! I have been wearing my giant Veera Valimaki shawl (Happy Street) as a scarf all winter too. I was annoyed by the huge size when I finished it in the spring, but it has been so excellent in this cold.

    Looks like you had a lovely weekend.

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