color dipped hat

Pretty much the moment I saw this hat from Purl Soho, I wanted to make it. I even knit a too-small version up in worsted-weight yarn. It was okay but something about the larger gauge and the colors I chose made it pretty meh. So when I was at Vogue Knitting LIVE in Chicago, I scouted the yarn a little with the hat in mind. Apple Yarns, from Washington, was selling Cedar House Yarns, which I’d never seen before. They were selling small skeins as well as full-size, and it seemed perfect to get a pairing that way.

pepperknit | color dipped hat

I cast on and started on the flight home from Chicago on size 2s, which I had handy. Within a few rows I knew they were too big. Ultimately I ended up on 1s, which gave me a nice-looking gauge. I knit the adult woman size. Within a few rows I’d dropped a stitch—slippery yarn on metal needles, lots of stitches jammed together… I had to frog back several rows to fix it. This happened again a few rows later. And then again at least one more time before I finished the darn thing! Dropping a stitch in fisherman’s rib/brioche is an ordeal, let me tell you. I just could never figure out how to ladder it back up correctly.

But I persevered, and ended up with a squishy, super-warm hat! 

pepperknit | color dipped hat

pepperknit | color dipped hat

pepperknit | color dipped hat

I can wear it basically 4 ways, though I only shot it in 3 versions. I can wear it uncuffed with either side showing: the dominantly gray or the dominantly blue edge. Or I can cuff it up as more of a toque, again with either side of the cuff out. I managed to weave in the ends and clip them so tightly to the work that I don’t think they’re poking out anywhere (at least I can’t see them).

I look forward to the weather really getting cold, because this hat is so very warm! So far the fall had been incredibly mild (50s), so I don’t really need this one yet. But soon, I’ll be ready!

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  1. Janieb says:

    Looks great. My Mum knitted me a brioche hat as a child that I loved so much I wore it all year long, whatever the weather!

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