macro mitts for emily

I knit my first pair of Macro Mitts by Lauren Osborne years ago, and they are my most-worn mittens every winter. Every time my friend Emily saw them, she’d make it very clear how much she wanted her own pair. It’s not as if she couldn’t just knit them herself, but I’d always said that I would make her a pair, though I never got around to it.

But just a week ago, Emily announced she’s moving across the country, from Queens to San Diego. And even though she will have limited times to wear them in San Diego, I knew I had to knit her a pair as a going away present. Of course, we were having dinner on Saturday night and I had this brilliant idea Friday afternoon. But we had nothing but a marathon of Justified Season 4 on the docket so I managed it!

macro mitts | pepperknit

I even knit all 4 Latvian Braids. (I omitted the top ones on my own pair, because I detest knitting those braids!) If that doesn’t show how important this gift was, I don’t know what does.

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  1. Minty Mom says:

    They are incredibly beautiful and I know it will be a cherished gift. Who knows where she’ll be next and they will be the perfect thing.

  2. Val says:

    I’d be super proud to have knit those over the course of a few weeks… and you made them in less than 2 days! What a beautiful gift and I’m sure she appreciates them all the more being a knitter!

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