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crossing another baby off the list

Last night I tooled around with a gift for my friend LK’s baby. LK is perhaps a bigger Buffy fan than I am; she owns all 7 seasons on DVD, whereas I stalled out at the first 3 (and she bought me season 3!). Now, I don’t know if the baby will be a boy or a girl, but I think she’ll like a Buffy-themed gift even if she has a boy—maybe he’ll grow up to have all the good qualities of, say, Xander (but not the dumb ones).

So I knit up a baby-sized Mr. Pointy.

timing couldn’t have been better

I literally drew the yarn through from sewing the second sleeve just as the Seahawks ran out the clock on their last play of the game. I still had two stitches to go when the Steelers started celebrating, and because I wasn’t paying close attention, I thought I’d missed my own personal deadline, but it turned out I hadn’t! Thrilling, down-to-the-wire play.