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Merion Mitts

merion mitts

A lot of us on the East Coast and Midwest in the US woke up this morning to snow, with the threat of a lot more overnight tonight—but it was just unseasonably warm a few days ago! Such is the way with winter, huh? You think it’s on its way out, and it comes tearing right back in. I suppose it was to be expected—March does come in like a lion, right?

Get your hands ready for the last burst of winter—and keep your fingers warm on those spring (or fall) days when it’s notquite warm enough to be without knitted goods—with the Merion Mitts, my latest pattern!

2008 revisited

hemlock ring

Hey, it’s still January, a perfectly acceptable time to look back at 2008. In my personal life, 2008 was HUGE—and positive. And now that I’m looking at it, it was a pretty darn big year for me for knitting! I produced more sweaters than ever, more “big” projects, more well-fitting projects, and just plain old more projects than ever.

final FOs of 2008


Happy New Year, all! The past month has been an absolute whirlwind of travel, fun, visits, and parties, and I’m just now finally starting to settle down. I’m back in Singapore for the month of January (the switch to Food Blog will commence!), but first we need to weave in some loose ends.

Christmas really really snuck up on me this year, as I know it did a lot of you. Stupid late Thanksgiving! Also, this was the first year I have done Xmas with anyone other than my nuclear family. Which meant I needed gifts for a whole branch of my family. Somehow, I whipped them all out in the two weeks before the holiday—three of them in the three DAYS before Christmas.

swirled pentagon pullover


The brick down here in Bay Ridge is different. It’s darker, or redder, or arranged differently—I can’t quite put my finger on it. But it’s distinctive and really pretty. And when I fell in love with this wall, I knew immediately I needed to knit something and take my FO shots in front of it. And now. The yarn I bought at Webs was the perfect color, and the geometry of Norah Gaughan’s Swirled Pentagon Pullover was perfect.