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I’m on the West Coast for our industry trade show and managed to schedule my flight from NYC exactly at sunset. Note to self: All future travel to coincide with sunrise or sunset, preferably on days where those events will be colorful.

eye candy friday


One thing I like about the switch to Standard Time has been how magical the city feels when I leave work at the end of the day. Sure, I see the lights later at night in Daylight Savings, too, but I’ve noticed a restaurant for the first time precisely because it was lit up so invitingly when seen in the dark. The air in the fall is always more crisp, too, making the lights even prettier.

eye candy friday

virginia sunset

I used to be so good about Eye Candy Friday, posting every week without fail! I don’t know why I stopped, especially because I have some really lovely shots in my library of late. Here’s one to take you into the weekend.