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knit, purl, what’s up?

sock in progress!

No trip to Philly is complete without a visit with my peeps, and when that visit expands from what you think will be a short but nice afternoon of knitting into pretty much the entire day knitting, laughing, and drinking, well, it’s been a good weekend.

laughter and tears on the mat


There was a Yoga Journal a few years ago with this phrase as the big grabber headline on the cover. I used to laugh at it–there’s something so melodramatic about it. The article was about the upwelling of emotions that can happen while doing yoga–the idea being that sometimes you release a muscle or an area of your body and you tap into bottled up emotions, which come out during class, sometimes without a clear reason.

Well, this weekend I knew the reasons. I was both happy and sad, and I had my share of both laughter and tears on the mat.