first family wedding of the summer

This is the summer/year of weddings! Back in July we went to the first for my family, out in Jersey. It was the Friday after the wedding weekend in Boulder, which meant two weddings in less than a week. That is too much wedding for any sane person, let me tell you! But luckily this one was closer to home, and we could take a train there. The weather was iffy so I actually knit a shrug for the first time in my life, to toss over my dress “just in case.” I’m glad I had it, too, as it was rainy and on the chilly side for early July.

I picked Dew Point because it matched the gauge yarn I had—it’s a mystery unlabeled yarn that I got from the office and no one can identify but seems to be bamboo and silk—and looked easy but not totally plain. I started it the Friday before the wedding and finished it up a day or two before. No blocking both because of lack of time and because I didn’t block when I swatched and I couldn’t afford to have the piece change!

We had a lot of fun at the wedding, probably because my cousin sat us at a table with some great people. We were with other cousins on my side of the family, plus friends of hers that we’d met at a previous party. Three of the men at the table were named Jason. Two were named Ryan. We were Table 3 and we declared ourselves the best table at the shindig! Which incited some table-to-table rivalry (I can’t even believe that took off like it did, but all the tables around us were talking smack to each other!). Of course that meant we as a whole table had to cram into the photobooth area for a group shot.

I don’t actually see this side of the family often, though we live rather close to each other (my cousins are all in Philly or north Jersey; I’m in NYC). It’s fun to see everyone all dressed up and celebrating, though we didn’t have a lot of time to catch up.

Kelly and Scott were radiant the whole time, as you might expect. I don’t have a photo of it but she wore a pair of fantastic cobalt blue shoes for the ceremony.

Lots of future happiness to Kelly and my new cousin-in-law!

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  1. elizabetht says:

    so I know this is really not the point of the post or news at all, but I’m TOTALLY loving your hair lately. the bangs and the length work super well for you. that’s all. :)

  2. Kathy says:

    Looks like a great time. I adore the blue shirt dress, sheery thing the one girl is wearing on the left of the photobooth pics – she is smokin’ hot! You need to knit something in that burgundy (i think you did a skirt years ago) because it really looks good on you.

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