it looks a lot like christmas (in pillow form)

sewn christmas pillow

Last year I made my awesome tree skirt. This year, I decided I wanted all the Christmas fabric out of the apartment, so I set about using it up. Those were lofty intentions (aren’t they always?), and of course I didn’t actually use up all the fabric in the end, but I made a significant dent! One major investment of fabric was in this pillow. I didn’t mean to deliberately mimic the tree skirt with the triangles, but the matchiness doesn’t matter, because this pillow was not destined to live in our house; I gave it to my mom for Christmas. I forgot to take a shot of the back but I did it in solid green with a single strip of some of the green with snowflakes. It looks like it’s a pocket pillowcase but it’s not—I seamed the entire thing shut after stuffing it with fiberfill. (A sewing teacher once told us that when stuffing a pillow, you should stuff it as much as you think is super stuffed… and then add more stuffing. I’m a strong adherent to this policy when I’m not using a pillow form!)

What I learned in making this is that sewing equilateral triangles takes more precision than I’m really interested in maintaining for an entire project! I knew this after making Meaghan & Josh’s quilt, but I guess I forgot or I decided that I like the look enough that it wouldn’t be an issue. But it was. Oh, it was. I was so frustrated, and that is why there is that large white border around the piecing! I love the look so much though,and it takes so well to simple quilting lines. You know I’ll selectively forget this in the coming year and end up sewing more equilateral triangles. Because damn they look cool!

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  1. MintyMom says:

    I love it and appreciate all the time you put into making this special pillow for me. It will always have a special place during the holidays :) XO

  2. Jill says:

    The quilting lines make this pop — love it.

    BTW, when in NYC earlier in the month I had the best time visiting Brooklyn. I took the trains to Church Street where I exited and enjoyed real NY pizza just across the street then walked the 8-10 blocks to Brooklyn General where I got some dreamy flannel in a bundle and then window shopped my way down Bergin Street back to the trains. It was a lovely day and I can’t wait to visit your neck of the woods again! Happy New Year, Jill

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