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baby steps

All I’ve done this weekend is sew in the ends on the Tivoli. We’ve had a pretty crazy last few days–mostly just because we’ve had houseguests coming and going and partying to do with them–and so I haven’t even touched my knitting. I had these romantic notions of finishing it all Friday early evening, and wearing it out on Saturday. But instead I got a call from my boyfriend–out with one friend–telling me that a different friend was headed to our apartment right away. So I hung out with him until the guys could get here, and, well, this guy is really cool and all, but I just wasn’t feeling up to knitting in front of him!

I’m thinking of blocking it tonight or tomorrow and wearing my Tivoli this week!

like a glove!

I’d been very, very afraid that the Tivoli was going to be too small again. And I knew that it was time to try it on, sort of a now-or-never moment. And yay! Fits perfectly. Comfortably. It’s the bestest.