about-photoIn 2005, when everyone and her sister had a knitting blog, I joined the fray. Around the same time, I also began a food blog, but over the years I started combining the two subjects on this blog, my Internet home. Now, Pepperknit is a true reflection of me: part crafter, part home cook, part reader, part photographer. My identity as Minty has become so ingrained that if someone on TV is discussing toothpaste, my ears perk up, thinking they might be talking about me!

By day I am an editor (where I'm known as Erin), and I have been my entire career. I've edited a book on pretty much every subject you could think of, from surfing to ham to knitting patterns to the ancient Aztecs, so my knowledge and tastes are wide-ranging. These days I hang my hat in the office of Editor in Chief of Yarn Market News, the industry magazine for the yarn business, and it couldn't be a more perfect fit. It means that occasionally the yarn I use was something I got for free, often because it was at the office for some other reason entirely (how lucky am I?).

My photos are all taken with a Canon 7D, my precious and most expensive accessory. In general I use the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens the most, but I have other lenses I swap out regularly. I have a remote control and tripod and am good at taking self portraits, so many of the photos of me, unless otherwise noted, were taken by me.

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