kiri: an update

Don’t fret about me! I’m coping well with my Kiri “disaster.” I decided to start over, and I’m incredibly happy I did. I’m using size 5 Addi Turbos (the compromise size, Rachel!) and they are like working with butter–and not in a bad way. I’m having no trouble with pointiness or lack thereof (k2togs aren’t a struggle at all), and the join is completely nonexistent. I’m racing through, and I’m well over halfway finished. I’ve got 10 pattern repeats done; I’m planning on doing 15. (Previously, on size 6s, I did 11 repeats, so I’m going to assess at 15 and not a repeat sooner.) I’ll be working away on it this week and expect to have it finished by the weekend.

This past weekend I did a lot of knitting while watching some of our Netflix acquisitions: The Station Agent, which was short not long but delightful, and March of the Penguins, which amazingly did not make me cry. A friend says I’m clearly frozen inside, but last night The West Wing made me cry, at the very end (“Thanks, boss”), and so did the PBS American Experience about Bobby Kennedy, so I think I still have my soul intact.

3 Responses to kiri: an update

  1. Rachel says:

    I can’t believe you’re over halfway done! Now it DEFINITELY seems worthwhile that you frogged.

    Glad you clarified about knitting with butter — I knew you meant it in a good way but now that I think about doing that literally…eww. :)

  2. Kara says:

    I loved Station Agent! I’ve been reading your blog as a new knitter for awhile now, and I have to say it’s quite fun.

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