i’m back!

This weekend was the wedding for which I knit Kiri. We drove down to Lexington, Virginia, super-early on Saturday morning and just returned yesterday afternoon, after a whirlwind of work by us in the wedding party: bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding planning, organizing centerpieces, carting tables, doing hair, seeking the groom’s lost car keys, etc. (The keys were found by a bridesmaid, after hours of concentrated searching all over the property the morning of the wedding day, in a trash bag from the rehearsal dinner. Everyone cheered!) The wedding was atop a mountain in the Blue Ridge mountains and was positively gorgeous—the weather was unparalleled.

owl at the top of the blue ridge mountains

I did wear Kiri at the reception, and she provided warmth against the cool mountain air, but it seems no pictures of me with it on were taken with my camera. Of course, I was so sloppy drunk, I wasn’t thinking clearly enough to just ask for a photo. But it turns out when they were helping me down the hill after the reception, my boyfriend grabbed it for me, because I found pictures like this on the camera later. (Did I take this? I do not know, as I have absolutely no recollection of the walk down the hill.)

boyfriend in kiri

As for knitting while on the trip, I knit only a little on the way down (I drove the majority of the way). But on the ride back, despite being exhausted, I knit for a few hours. Here’s the progress I made . . .

sunrise #3's sleeve

What is it, you wonder? Why, it’s the third Sunrise Circle Jacket, of course! I couldn’t quite believe it when I made the decision to pack only it. (Wool of the Andes in Chocolate brown.) But it’s my most mindless project these days, and with straight-up stockinette, it couldn’t be beat for car knitting (since I don’t really have to look). I considered knitting the sleeve in the round to avoid that little bit of seaming later, but my needles aren’t big enough for either magic loop or lazy loop. I started it on Saturday, but I’m not sure how keen I am to keep working on it!

the bride and groom

In other celebratory news, today marks my blogiversary!

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  1. Rachel says:

    A very belated blogiversary! I think I’ve been here almost since the beginning — time does fly!

    Sounds like a great wedding, at least as measured in sloppy drunkenness. :) I hope some other people send you photos of yourself in Kiri.

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