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Back when I posted the Jury Duty Mitts (the Cabled Mitts from Crochet Today), I got an email from my grandmother, who my cousins and I call Nanny, asking if I could make her a pair of fingerless mitts, because her hands are often cold. She saw the post (yes! my savvy 80-something-year-old grandmother follows my blog) and realized how perfect something like that would be for her. I had no intended recipient for the mitts, so I said I’d mail her one of those pairs.

But, like a bad granddaughter, I never got around to it. And every time I picked them up, the scratchiness of that wool turned me off. I couldn’t mail those to her! So this weekend I finally took the time to make her something worth having.


I went into the stash and quickly came upon a skein of Malabrigo Twist, which I know might have some pilling issues for a pair of mitts, but is too squishy and luscious not to give to her, right? It was hard to take them off when I was done shooting them, even.

318.mitts for nanny

I can’t recommend this pattern enough to anyone who crochets—it’s crazy fast but looks so nice, and it’s definitely a no-brainer. This is the first time I’ve crocheted with a truly decadent yarn, and it definitely won’t be the last.


The next hurdle is getting these in the mail asap! Though the weather is a comfortable 55 degrees F right now, winter is definitely around the corner.


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  1. Juliefrick says:

    GAH. I did NOT need another one of my knitting buddies to show me a little something to distract me at this time! I just finished up the mitts Diana made me make. Now I must have these!

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