the beach in winter

I love the beach at all times—it’s my favorite place in the world—but there’s a certain particular magic to the beach in the winter. The emptiness, the quiet, the expansiveness. Holly and I took a drive on a dreary day during this winter-that-does-not-feel-like-winter and captured some of what beachy winter looks like.

Jason bought me a fun kit of Holga lenses for my DSLR as part of my Christmas present, and I wanted to try them out. It’s funny to take a precision instrument like my camera and deliberately try to make its photos look as if they were taken with a plastic toy, but the effect is cool.

We left this quiet, expansive solace and did something very very foolish: We went to the mall. It was a nightmare of fighting for parking spaces, navigating slow people, and waiting in long lines. I’m glad we did both, though; it made the day feel complete. Because what’s a day that doesn’t include some solace and some insanity? You have to have balance, after all!

4 Responses to the beach in winter

  1. Janieb says:

    I pick the winter beach over malls every time. We always plan a winter beach week each year. Summer I can take it or leave it, but winter give me some sea, sand & cold, brrrrrrr!

  2. elizabetht says:

    i totally, totally agree with you about the beach in winter, even more if it’s cloudy. it’s such a unique feeling, all quiet and calm. and you probably needed the extra dose of calm before braving the mall! :)

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