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hat est perfectus!

roman earflap hat!

How very apt that the word finished is perfectus in Latin (at least, it is according to the Internet). Because my earflap hat is perfect! I really can’t tell you just how much work went into the earflaps, but I will say there is earflap detritus all over my couch. I think I knit three or four different ones before the right flap came into being.

the Leyburn Socks are done!


And here they are, in my dark-apartment glory. I finished them on Friday and blocked them to get the kinks out (the design process took a few tries with these), and was determined to post them today even though it’s overcast and gray (thus not much light in the apartment) and too cold to do an outdoor shoot.

presenting the bainbridge scarf


Here it is! The finished pattern for The Bainbridge Scarf. It even includes step-by-step directions for wearing it. I want to get the pattern up right away, so a proper pattern page is still forthcoming (plus, it’s been a long time since I uploaded a new page to the site, and I’m going to need some time for my memory to kick in). Click on the name below in the meantime. Enjoy!