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On Friday, I cleaned up my knitting basket–the one that sits next to the couch and houses my most current projects and random knitting piffle–and even formed some loose balls into new balls. Then I looked at the stash and thought, “What can I get out of this?”

Easily enough, I can make the very sweet “Garter Stitch Jacket and Bootees” from Debbie Bliss’s Quick Baby Knits. I’ve made the booties from this pattern before, but I have enough of this yarn to do a matching set. I’m not entirely sure who the set will be for, yet. It’s one of two people with babies–one is pregnant, and in fact 2 years ago I bought this yarn for her then-pregnancy, but she miscarried. So it seems natural to give it to her, but we’re not as close as we once were, so it might be weird. The other is for a friend who’s already had her kiddo, but who will be 9 months around Christmastime, so I’m making the 9 month pattern. Anyway, it’ll all work out.

I just started it late Friday night, and I’m about halfway thru, I believe. It’s so super easy, what with being just garter stitch. I can actually watch TV while doing it, and I’m actually watching TV. Or I can have a conversation and look my friend in the eye. The best thing about a baby sweater in garter stitch is that as soon as you get really bored with just knitting, you have some shaping to do.

I’m using Rowan Cotton Glace in a discontinued color–it’s name is “fizz.” I really love this yarn; I made a baby sweater for a friend’s kid with it last year, too. (Here’s a pic of that. Color “sunshine.”)

It was the cover sweater for Quick Baby Knits–the ballet top. Yeah, for a boy. It works. Plus I’m not into enforcing gender stereotypes.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I love baby clothes for exactly the same reason. The second I get bored with the project, it’s practically finished!

    I just used Rowan Cotton Glace for the first time. Nice stuff. Your ballet top for a boy looks great! I don’t understand how people can get so worked up about boy stuff and girl stuff when the kids are way too young to even conceive of what such a thing means. Oh well. The sweater looks adorable.

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