finally finished object: ruffles scarf

When I said before that I finished the Ruffles scarf on Valentine’s Day, I wasn’t completely honest. I finished knitting the scarf then. I still had various ends to weave in–the yarn I used was a very random acquisition from Stitches years before, from a “$2/ounce” bin, and was a complete mystery yarn. There wasn’t even a tag giving the huge bundle’s weight–the woman who worked that booth and I guesstimated and she charged me $10 for it. It turned out to have a load of slubs and super-thin spots, so over the years, as I tried to make new thing after new thing out of it, it got broken up into about a thousand balls.

I’ve loved this yarn forever: It is lusciously soft. So it’s nice that I put it into a pattern that will sit against my sensitive neck.

The skinny:

  • Ruffles from Scarf Style
  • Size 3 needles (I don’t really remember, but I know they were either 2 or 3)
  • Knit until I had no more yarn left. Can wrap around my neck twice and still hang prety low.
  • Finished knitting while in the hospital with mom after her emergency appendectomy (got loads of compliments from hospital staff!)
  • Finally sewed in ends in my finishing frenzy this weekend.

7 Responses to finally finished object: ruffles scarf

  1. weaselrina says:

    What is it with those ends..
    I’d rather do just about anything than weave them in – i have a pile of stuff awaiting finishing here and can’t bring myself to do it!

    Anyway, the scarf looks great!

  2. Louise says:


    I’m very interested in knitting a ruffles scarf. I’m a beginner. Can you tell me how many stitiches to put on the needsles and how I go about making the ruffles.

    Do you have a pattern you’d like to share with me on-line.

    Thank you,

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