lopi tote is back on track

I started Lopi over again, this time back on the 11s. Having started and stopped this bag three times now, I’m a pro at handling the casting back on for the handle holes. In order to avoid gaping holes on either side, I wanted to incorporate a k2tog. But where to do the m1 to maintain the stitch count? If I put the m1 right next to the increases, it left a large hole in the row below. (I suppose if I’d have been thinking harder I would have gone for inc in front and back of the stitch, but it’s moot now.) So I m1 one stitch out, and k2togged the first cast on with the first of the body. It’s all smooth and looks nice, with nothing ragged or out of whack. I just know that if I had allowed an errant hole, that’d be the spot where the felting failed me.

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