no dice

I kind of knew that Sophie’s wouldn’t come through for me–to be honest, it rarely does. It has a nice selection, sure, but never exacly what I’m looking for in exactly the right color. Today there was an insufferable woman peppering the shopkeeper with idiotic questions; it was almost too much to take. Just as soon as I’d confirmed that I wasn’t interested in working with any of the yarns there to make Tivoli, I dashed out. Met the boyfriend for lunch. And then, once I was back with a computer, I ordered the cream Knit Picks Shine. I splurged for 3-day shipping so I’ll definitely have it before we head out to rural Pennsylvania next weekend. I have ridiculously romantic visions of sitting by the lake near our friend’s cabin and knitting with a cooling breeze blowing by. (I’ve never been to this cabin, however, and know nothing of its idyll.)

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  1. Rachel says:

    I can say with authority that there’s nothing more blissful than knitting on the shore of a lake with a summer breeze gently cooling you. Enjoy!

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