a fax of yarn?

The office manager sent me an instant message before lunch today: “You have a box.” But on a quick glance, I totally thought it said “You have a fax.” Now, I never ever receive faxes, so my response was “!? weird,” and she said, “Yeah, from Crafts Americana.” I was so confused. Then I thought to read back, and when box became clear, I got all excited: It meant my yarn order for the Union Square Market Pullover had arrived. Joy!

I tore open the box while at her desk, and we pet the small skeins of yarn together. I’m a bit worried that I didn’t buy enough, though I tried to get enough based on yardage. Whatever, if I have to buy more, I have to buy more. I’m so excited to start working on it.

What perfect timing, too, since I blocked the Tivoli last night (just a simple steam) and am wearing it today! Yes, it’s 90 degrees out today and so a tank top sweater is perfect.

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