no! not the stash!

Amylovie has challenged me to reveal my whole stash here for all to see. This is a more daunting task than you might think. I’m sloppy about storing my stash, and I always know, in the back of my mind, that I really ought to go in and organize it.

About a year ago I did such an organization, but it’s time for another. So, do I take this opportunity? Do I pull everything out for a picture and then pack it away carefully? This is so terrifying an idea, and it came up on me with so little warning, that I’m going to have to stew on it. In the meantime, let me show all the spots where yarn currently lives.

We have, as the most “in use” supply, all the yarn for my Union Square Market Pullover. Because my “current” stash holder is full (see below), I’m using the box that the yarn was delivered in. The box sits in front of the couch on the left side, because that’s the side near the light, and thus where I sit to knit.

Next, we round the side of the couch and find the “current” stash, which includes needles and a bunch of books. Notice the pile of magazines out and just sitting on the floor? I was looking at them the other day and didn’t bother to put them back. Notice the ball winder and swift, which should reside upstairs with the rest of my larger crafting supplies. You might also notice a few things–like how the baby jacket and bootees are there on top of the stash. One is an Xmas gift and I don’t know where to put it in the meantime, and the other, the bootees, should have been mailed out but . . . haven’t. The Ruffles scarf is under those guys, just . . . there. The lopi tote is at the near edge, on a stitch holder because I needed those needles to make the Kid Slique scarf. I’m a little scattered these days.


Then we go upstairs, where I have a large bin filled with yarn and old projects. There’s not much to say about them.

more stash

On the shelf below this is the Stitches East haul–but don’t be alarmed, that identical striped bin is NOT full of yarn. That one has craft type stuff in it, like glitter and glue and watercolors.


Then, I opened the closet. This closet is weird–the bottom is angled sharply (it sits above the stairwell) and so things don’t stack neatly in there. Hence the big ol’ mess that it is. There is one shelf, at the back, however, and I quickly took a shot to show two containers of yarn–one is the thing with the handle, which has a UFO that’s about, oh, six years old in it. Below that, the green Rubbermaid thing, is full of all my worsted yarn, including a bunch of acrylics, which I use to teach people to knit.

hidden stash, a first glance

But that’s just a first glance, because about then I started thinking “aw, heck, pulling all this out won’t be such a big job, and I moved the blue bag of which you can see a smidge. And then I remembered:

hidden stash, second glance

There’s another container of yarn down there.

And then I lost hope. I realized that I had neither the time or inclination to do this right now. But doesn’t mean I won’t. In fact, it means that I really really really need to do it, and get rid of stuff. There’s yarn in there that I will probably never touch. My relationship with it is long over. I hope to post a fun ‘all stash’ post soon. Jaax, wanna give it up for us too, when you get organized?

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  1. Mintyfresh says:

    not painful! just daunting. if i took it all out, i would be committing to putting it all away again, and i have a feeling i’d let it just sit wherever i put it, and then the boy would get all upset :)

    i knew someone was going to notice the propane sitting on top of the stash! i feel ok about that. and anyway, the yarn in there is the most expendable.

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