sunday with jaax

Sorry for the lack of knitting content lately–I’ve been so busy with work and an abnormally active social life. Part of our string of events and guests was a visit from Jaax last night!

She and I stayed up later than our partners, to chat and think about knitting. That is, very little knitting got actually done. I showed her Scarf Style


and she showed me that book for making sweaters . . . whose name I have forgotten. I did a felted join and knit a few more rows of my right sleeve (which is actually not too far from done, but I’d hoped it would be finished already). Before heading to bed, we tried to capture a shot of ourselves. We stupidly weren’t standing near enough a light, so I did some Picasa magic to lighten it. (When we moved under the light, we were suddenly all awful shadows. Those photos have been deleted.)

Jaax and Minty

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