going to the country

My friend Tamar and I took a journey west today after yoga–we went to Lancaster, PA, to see some Amish people and some pretty leaves.

I worked on Pam on the way out:

knitting on the road

We mostly drove around, on some small roads through farmlands. Didn’t see any Amish people, unfortunately, just a bunch o’ Mennonites, and cows. Because the weather was so nice, everyone had their laundry hanging out on the line. This house had about twenty pairs of stockings all drying, but unfortunately they were in front of a dark tree and the photo didn’t capture them very well. Plus we were trying to take the picture surreptitiously from the slowly moving car. I did what I could, with this second shot:


The cows were great. I’m really impressed with this shot, as we were speeding along at about 40 to 50 mph at the time–I can’t believe I captured the cow so well. I was definitely trying to get it just right; I’m amazed I did.


No squashes or apples. In fact, neither of us bought anything the whole time. We just drove around, then took a short walk around “Downtown Lancaster” and then headed back. We’d intended to go to the Central Market, but it closes at 2 on Saturdays. We ate dinner in Philly, and I just got home. I’m exhausted! It was such a fun day out in the country. It’s nice to get out of the city from time to time. I also made some good progress on Pam, until I lost the light and had to stop.

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  1. Laura says:

    My college boyfriend went to Franklin and Marshall, so I’ve been around there! It’s really pretty. Sounds like you had fun. Thanks again for joining Cover Your Head!

  2. Rachel says:

    Nice photos! That top shot has really wonderful, subtle colors. If I were you, I might photoshop out all the wires (pretty easy to do, since they’re all against a light sky). I think that would make for a beautiful picture.

    Sounds like a fun day!

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