it’s done!!

Still without buttons, because I’m sick of sewing things on. But lookit! Lookit!


It’s done! I did buy buttons (it’s the only time I left the house today, and it left me tired), but they’re just going to have to wait. Tomorrow. Or maybe later tonight, if I get the inspiration.

I’m really happy with this cardigan. It’s comfy, the cables give it a cool feel (like, the tactile feel—not that I’m suddenly some cool chick or anything). And it’s pretty warm, too—but still breathable. Exactly what I look for in a toss-on cardigan.

I’ll do a full wrap-up once I’ve got shots with the buttons. After all, it’s not entirely done. But all the ends are sewn in (amazing) and all the parts are attached (finally!). I think I’ll wear it over Thanksgiving, so hopefully I can get some shots of it in use—in another state and everything.

pam two

10 Responses to it’s done!!

  1. candsmom says:

    SO beautiful!! I love the cables and the color looks fabulous on you. You’ll be best dressed at Thanksgiving for sure! ;-) Hope you feel better soon- take care!

  2. Laura says:

    that was fast. I think. Maybe I’m not living in real time.

    I love it! In particular, I like the collar a lot. Looks ok without buttons (unless you have button holes), but then I hate sewing buttons more than any other kind of sewing.

  3. Deb says:

    interested in selling the mag? I’ve been thinking about knitting Pam– and seeing others with beautiful FOs is very inspiring!!! :)

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