aw, Pam

Yesterday I wore Pam. Though I’ve worn it several times since finishing it, I knew my mom hadn’t seen it at all, so I decided I’d wear it on the day I headed to my parents’. It also coincided with the day I got my new driver’s license picture taken! So Pam is going to be part of my identity for the next four years.

Side note about the Pennsylvania DMV: So painless! Because I’d renewed online, I only had to pop in to get my photo taken and the new card printed. I opted not to change any of my information (though I’m taller than I was four years ago—seriously. more than one inch. yoga does a body good), so I was in and out in under five minutes. And the guy was super nice, offered to take as many shots of me as I wanted until I was satisfied. I took the second and final shot—why try over and over again? (But the first wasn’t any good.)

Anyway, we drove to MD. I walked in the door coatless, dragging some bags of presents, and about to go back out for more, and my mom says, “oh! I love that sweater! Is it J.Jill?” And I got to say, “No! I MADE it!” and then dashed outside again, leaving her to stand stunned. She exclaimed “you hate cables!” I have no idea where she got that idea—maybe just because I rarely knit them. Still, she was impressed, and thought it had been store bought, so that was nice.

Additionally, I was at the boy’s parents’ place, and his mom touched my arm and said, “I really like this sweater,” and I think she might have asked where I got it or something, but my brain always kind of shuts down when people compliment something I’ve made, and I spend the length of whatever their next sentence is thinking “don’t shout, don’t sound too gloating, don’t go nuts when you say ‘I made it!'” Does this happen to anyone else? Anyway, right after I took credit for my Pam, my cell phone rang and I had to dash out of the kitchen. (I like to leave my audience time for the info to sink in, I guess ;))

Still working on the sock, but I predict little to no progress today; I’ll be cooking all day. We have an annual Christmas Eve party with my oldest friend’s family. We’ve been doing this since she and I were 5 years old—not every year, but almost.

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  1. Laura says:

    No, I love to gloat that I made something. Perhaps becuase most of the time, people don’t even suspect that I have knitted my sweaters. At least nonknitters can never guess. Lots of knitters don’t guess until they watch me knitting something. Then, they look at me with a little glare in their eyes and accuse, “You made your sweater, didn’t you?!” After I admit that I made it, they continue to glare.

  2. Rachel says:

    Oooh, how satisfying! I still have yet to make myself an adult-sized sweater, but listening to your story gives me yet another reason to hurry up and do so: the bigger the FO, the bigger the bragging rights!

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