i made a baby sweater decision

I decided to pick one of the simple, understated sweaters from Quick Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss and go with it. I also decided that Rowan Cotton Glace, which I used for two other baby sweaters, was going to be the perfect yarn—a little bit of shine, delicate stitches, and (typically) hypoallergenic cotton. I looked at yarnmarket.com, but skeins are $7.15 each there, and I felt that if I tried, I could find it cheaper.

And thus I ventured onto eBay, and made my very first eBay purchase ever. The pricing was cheaper ($5.50/skein) and shipping comparable; what pushed me into hitting “buy now” was the color. Just a quick glance told me that I liked “Bud” the best.

rowan cotton glace in 'bud'

Only 5 skeins were left, and in searching elsewhere, I determined that Bud isn’t readily available. So I snatched them up.

I decided to go with this sweater (I found this picture of the page in the book on the web, and grabbed it—I am way too lazy to open my copy and take the picture myself, apparently):

sweater for boss's baby

Except, I’m not going to do stripes. Mine will be a simple, straightforward little sweater. There are buttons along the upper left shoulder, and I have visions of those Beatrix Potter buttons, with Peter Rabbit or someone on them. I think the Bud color will bring out the little tufts of grass that are on those buttons.

Now I just need to get the yarn! I’m ready to start.

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  1. Laura says:

    Doesn’t Cotton Glace knit up to about the same gauge as Knit Pick’s Shine? I was thinking Shine would be a good sub for Cotton Glace for baby stuff. However, I have never worked with Shine, so I’m not sure how it compares in texture or appearance.

    Looks like you will be making a cute sweater!

  2. Mintyfresh says:

    Answering here so others can see the answer: I was determined to do it in Shine, since the gauge is so similar, but I didn’t like any of the colors that Shine came in–for this baby, at least. (In general, I like Shine just fine.)

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