the world is ipod crazy

Two coworkers (maybe three, I’m not sure) got ipods for Christmas. The headphones are in their ears all the time. Heck, even my mother got an ipod for Christmas. It makes me think back to a year and a half ago, when I got my own ipod. Now I’m all jealous of the new, super-slim 30G (smaller than my 20!) with large color screen, etc., but my love for my ipod hasn’t wavered.

An about a year ago, after several prototypes went unused, I made and adopted my own cozy for the little guy.

my ipod cozy

The yarn is white—to match—and slightly sparkly—to make it superspecial. (It’s some cheap acrylic something bought at a Michael’s.) I love the no-cast-on bottom (made by using a provisional cast-on and then using the double knitting technique) and how self-contained it is (no button to sew on). Unlike Laura over at Affiknitty, who made a popcorn and loop closure, I did a popcorn and buttonhole closure. The body is in stockinette and the flap is in moss stitch, for some added fanciness :) There’s also a hole in the top of the flap for the headphone cord (which, on my 1.5-year-old ipod, is dead-center in the top). If I put my itrip on the top, the piece still closes up, because the yarn is stretchy. It’s versatile, indestructible, and I [heart] it!

4 Responses to the world is ipod crazy

  1. Laura says:

    So, so cute! I like your flap closure — my sister made hers that way too. I think I have some of that exact yarn!

    I really cannot say enough how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my iPod. I have subscribed to probably a dozen podcasts. I literally take it from room to room.

  2. Rachel says:

    I love the idea of doing an iPod cozy in white slightly sparkly yarn. It seems like the exact right choice for it, yet yours is probably the first I’ve seen in that color. I feel a copycat knit coming on….

    P.S. My iPod is a FIRST GENERATION iPod — 15 gigs, which was the tip top of the line at the time. I try not to look at the fancy new ones.

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