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  1. knitannie says:

    Hey this is about the Sunrise Jacket KAL. I’m going with the KnitPicks yarn, I’m thinking chocolate but now I am a little nervous about the colours as shown on the website. I am in the UK and my MIL is bringing the yarn back from the states for me, so I haven’t a chance to order a shade card and check. Would you mind commenting on how chocolately the chocolate is? I notice from your blog that you know about chocolate :-)

  2. knitannie says:

    On re-reading my comment, it’s seems a little ambiguous so I’ll spell it out.
    I want to order the KnitPicks Wool of the Andes yarn in colour ‘Chocolate’. Could you tell me if the shade looks like chocolate on the shade card?
    Lack of sleep is making me a little bit strange today.
    Thanks again….

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