on speed and kitchener

The speediness with which I finished the baby sweater was helped enormously by the fact that I did little to nothing all weekend. The boy and I lazed around the house, quite deliberately, both days of the weekend. So while I do crank out stitches pretty quickly, this surprised even me.

And as for my “kitchener stitch” at the armhole. It wasn’t a true kitchener stitch, of course, because there weren’t live stitches along the armhole. But by weaving in and out of the live stitches and going into the side of the armholes, I created what looks like a line of knits and leaves the seams perfectly aligned. I don’t know how else one does armholes, actually, and you can definitely do it without live stitches; I just find it easier.

Next time I do this I’ll have to take some step-by-step shots to further illustrate it.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I looooove lazy weekends just like that. Unfortunately, I haven’t had one in a while and don’t really have one on the horizon. I must declare some weekend in March off-limits so I can indulge my all-knitting-all-the-time dreams.

    Thanks for the info on the pseudo kitchener stitch!

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