day trip to cape may

The boy and I decided to rent a car for our long weekend and play around a bit. Originally we’d thought about going away for a few days, but that fell through, so we kept the car reservation and chose to do some day trips. (We got a brand-new Saturn! Nifty.)

This afternoon, we decided to check out Cape May, NJ. It was about a 1.5-hour drive, and we were there for maybe 2 hours.

Cape May Mosaic

It’s a gloomy, cold, rainy day. We were just two of a handful of people who went to the lighthouse. All we did was run over to the beach, confirm the ocean was still there, take a picture, run over to the lighthouse area, look up at it, and dash back to the car. It was drizzly and surprisingly bitingly cold. I did capture a shot of myPomatomus with the lighthouse, though (I worked on it in the car).

pomatomus and the lighthouse

We drove around the town a bit, not knowing what was there or where to go, and happened upon this delightful sight:

fiber arts yarn shop in cape may

This seemingly modest yarn shop right in Cape May was overflowing with neatly stacked cages of yarn. I was amazed by the selection, variety, and abundance! But what really got me excited was a spin-rack of buttons featuring none other than the Beatrix Potter buttons I still hadn’t ordered!

Unfortunately, the hooks for Jemima Puddle Duck and Peter with Radishes were both hanging empty (such a tease, to have the info card hanging there!). But they had a different Peter with radish (or maybe it’s a kohlrabi, though a button website calls it an onion). The boy picked up the blue one, which is of some little mouse sitting on a spool of thread, reading. Now, in some ways it looks a little bit like it’s going to the bathroom and reading in there, but my boss is a big reader, so a button of a little mouse reading seems right. Whether the blue will be right or not remains to be seen. I can always save those buttons for another baby and use two of Peter with the vegetable. I can’t find any pictures online of the blue one, so here is the shot that I just took—apologies! It’s really hard to get it in focus and in good enough light, etc., etc.

buttons for baby sweater

Now I can finish the baby sweater for real and be ready upon the kiddo’s arrival (due 4/26).

If ever you find yourself at the southernmost tip of New Jersey, I recommend this yarn store highly. And if you’re ever in need of some time “away” from your real life, drive to some potentially hokey tourist spot, take some silly photos, and be on your way. It’s great therapy.

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  1. Karen says:

    My DH (Pea) lived in Moorsetown NJ for a few years before we were married, and we made a couple of trips to Cape May during those summers. We’ve always loved it there. A few weeks ago, we made reservations to go back in June for our second anniversary, so of course, I Googled for any yarn shops there. I’m glad to hear you liked Fiber Arts!!!! Now I know I won’t be disappointed when I get there!!! I’m thrilled they had the buttons you needed for your baby sweater . . . never know where you’ll find an unexpected treasure!

  2. Rachel says:

    I love the idea of taking a series of day trips as a mini-vacation! Sounds like you had a great time. And the yarn store — what a lucky find!!

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