friday: beginning and end

My day started out well enough:

pomatomus #2

A little Pomatomus in the morning. Note that I only did two pattern repeats before going in for the heel. I don’t think I have quite enough yarn (Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock), and I think the shorter length will not turn out badly.

But the day went steadily downhill, until, around 4pm, my coworkers and I had offices looking like this:

wine at work

That’s Yellowtail Chardonnay in a cheap plastic cup, sitting on my desk. We are all fried. The arm of a coworker is also in the shot; she was playing with my travel SpiroGraph.

I have Monday and Tuesday off, though, as a minivacation, which means plenty of nice knitting time!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Lucky you, long weekend! I’ll be expecting many knitting updates by Wednesday.

    I agree that the non-variegated Pomatomus looks beautiful. The pattern really pops.

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