scarf for goldie: done!

In a marathon session yesterday, I managed to finish up Goldie’s scarf! We’ve got one happy customer here:

goldie in her scarf

Scarf for Goldie
Pattern: A simple garter stitch scarf, with two tapered ends. Start off with 2 stitches, and on every other row increase into the first and last stitch until you reach your desired width. Garter stitch it. When you’re nearing the end, start decreasing at the beginning and end of each row, every other row, until you have 2 stitches. Bind off!
Finished Measurements: about 11.5 inches across and, oh, 5 feet long (I didn’t really measure it, I’m sorry)
Yarn: Jo-Ann Sensations Simple Elegance Collection in “Spirits Green”
Effect: A bright green boucle held with a strand of thin nylon with spurts of metallic.
# of Skeins: 5, alternating skeins because there seemed to be a difference in density of metallic spurts.
Size Needles: US 7
Date started: Initially, Thursday, March 16; restarted on Monday, March 27
Date completed: Tuesday, March 28
Notes: This is the thickest, warmest scarf EVER. No air will permeate its plush weave. Glad we got it done just in time for all this 60-degree weather! Eh, there’s always the possibility that the weather will turn, and there’s certainly next year.

4 Responses to scarf for goldie: done!

  1. Rachel says:

    Looks like it makes the recipient happy! And even if it’s a little late for this winter, think what a treat it’ll be when she gets it out for next winter. That’s what I’m telling myself about the cold-weather things I’m finishing up right now, anyway.

  2. Laura says:

    It looks great — and great on her! Thanks for the nice compliment about my Backyard Leaves. It was fun to knit.

    Now you can get back to Kiri without guilt!

  3. Jill_in_AL says:

    Thank you so much for posting this….yesterday I was flying through Walmart in search for a white sweatshirt for my son’s school art project when I saw a tapered end scarf on sale there. It was so cool. I’m about to unravel the one I’m currently working on and make it tapered. They did one strand of fringe per stitch on each end but your looks great finished off with binding. I’ll be back to your site for sure!

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