[bomp] The Amazing Lace!

Welcome to this first episode of a race through several lace socks, here on The Amazing Lace.

m 1“Hi, I’m Mintyfresh. I’m from Philadelphia, PA. (I also just got my hair cut today and yoiks it’s shorter than I wanted, and I’m freaking out.)”

sy 1“Hi! I’m some sock yarn. I’m originally from Italy, actually. Please tell Minty that her hair looks just fine.”

m 2“So yeah, we’re doing the Amazing Lace. This is going to be the adventure of a lifetime.”

sy 2“We haven’t really been together for very long, you know, so this will be a real test to see where our relationship is going to go.”

m 3“I think that our relationship is just going to get stronger and stronger as the Lace progresses; we are allies in this. By the end of the Amazing Lace, we may have 3 or 4 pairs of lace socks*!”

sy 3“One of our weaknesses is, I think, that Minty doesn’t really know what the hell she’s doing. I mean, she’s decided to apply lace patterns she likes (from the Barbara Walker Treasuries 1 and 2) to making socks (based on the useful Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch), but one of her big problems is the tendency to overanalyze. She’s going to be knitting me up and ripping me out repeatedly this summer, I fear.”

m 4“You’re right, sock yarn, you’re right! I’m going to work really hard on this part of myself. I think that not only will this Lace teach me a lot about working with lace, and socks, but it will teach me a lot about myself. I need to just go with the flow, commit to one idea, and see it through. But there are so many different laces that call out to me.”

sy 4“I think that other teams are going to underestimate us, because we don’t have a really long history with each other.”

m 5“It’s true; I’ve only ever been with one other pair of lace socks before. Not only is this a test of my ability to successfully do lace, it’s a test of my ability to overcome Second Sock Syndrome.”

sy 1“You’d better not have SSS! I was designed to be a pair of socks.”

extra“Sock yarn’s right. In the end, it will be just me and the socks standing at the finish line. That’s all that really matters.**”

*using different sock yarns, of course; not just Essential. We’re on a bit of a relay here.
**gibberishy overstatements and hyperbole courtesy every contestant of The Amazing Race, ever.

14 Responses to [bomp] The Amazing Lace!

  1. Karen says:

    What a great Amazing Lace Intro post. And your yarn is right – your hair looks great!! It’s good to have it extra short for the summer anyway.

  2. Meg says:

    Oh, I feel like the show has only just gotten started and it’s already time for the ad break. What will happen next? Will Minty’s hair grow (though viewers love it like it is)? Will the yarn protest if/when ripped? Will the SSS kick in?

  3. laurie in maine says:

    The crowd cheers for another Amazing Lacey Sock Knitter!!! Do the socks team up in pairs or will we all end up bitter rivals? Stay-tuned!!

    Friends I hope. :)

    I’m in awe of your winging it with a lace pattern and a construction manual? I have a well though out and tested pattern. Tried casting on yesterday and by the 3rd YO I was wondering if I was YOing the right direction (turns out I was NOT) and the 2nd SSK slipped off the needle, causing me to rip & grab frantically for a crochet hook. Was ready for a lie down while I reflected on my ability to knit holes on purpose.

    (I finished the 3rd repeat this morning – I hope I’m not last at the first check-in!!)

  4. Annie says:

    I like your haircut, give it a week or two and it will be just to your liking. At least that’s what works for me. Or what I tell myself. Hair grows, yay! And to avoid 2nd sock syndrome, knit 2 at once. It seems to go slower, but you’re a fast knitter, so bada bing, bada boom, you have a PAIR of socks. Woo hoo! I can’t wait to see how your Amazing Lace turns out. Looks like a fun project!

  5. Rachel says:

    Your hair looks great! A good summer haircut, I think.

    I like the generic optimism at the end — very true to the reality show spirit. :)

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