Amazing Lace Detour: Complete!

Before the break, Minty was having something of a nervous breakdown over charting out her lace. Having chosen “Chart It” as her detour, she was attempting to rewrite a lace pattern—Traveling Vine Lace—into a chart from a row-by-row, nonrepeating pattern. Her boyfriend even stopped her to take her out for water ice and frozen custard (Rita’s “gelati” mmmm) to try to calm her nerves. Finally, she got it down on paper and just set to work.

Then she discovered a bit of a quirk to the pattern, which is probably why she’d had so much trouble making sense of it all along. Because the last stitches of the final few rows are k2togs, the pattern was shifting. This required rejiggering the chart. It eventually looked like this.

traveling vine chart 1

This led to having to rotate 6 stitches around the needles at the end of every 12-row repeat. Not impossible, but not very tidy. The Pomatomus socks have to be shifted by one stitch after every 22-row repeat, which seems reasonable. Six? A little much.

Undeterred, and knowing the Detour wouldn’t be complete unless she had a good working pattern, she tried to rewrite the chart so that the decreases stayed centered in the panel of repeats. Knitting as she went, everything was going fine until the last row.

traveling vine chart 2

Foley artists have helpfully supplied the sound of brakes squealing, and maybe a violent crash.

gulp! face“Argh; that last stitch needs to be knit together with the stitch that’s on the other needle, from the row before! I can’t write a pattern in which you have to move stitches around in the middle of a repeat! That’s stupid, and not going to be practical in the long run. But wait, let’s just look at the sock so far. I’ve done 3 full pattern repeats. And you know what? I don’t even like the pattern anymore. It’s too narrow, too blumpy, doesn’t feel lacy enough. Hate!”

sock yarn“[Sigh.] Then why not just pick a new lace? Now that you’re a charting pro, it won’t be a problem. You can do this, Minty. I believe in you. You’re doing so good!”
And so Minty and her sock yarn picked a new lace pattern, one that is a zillion times easier to chart. It’s called Drooping Elm Leaves and is really quite pretty.

drooping elm leaves

And now the team is well on its way; 6 repeats of this pattern later, Minty is now doing a short-row heel. Stay tuned for the next potential Roadblock: the second sock.

Apologies for the lack of photographs; my boyfriend is away for the weekend and he took the camera! The bastard, trying to document a weekend away with his friends.

5 Responses to Amazing Lace Detour: Complete!

  1. ModJac says:

    when did “the boy” become “my boyfriend”? doesn’t he have a hard time keeping his identity straight?

    and congrats on your lace! it’s always nice when you figure out an easier way to do whatever was driving you nuts :)

  2. Karen says:

    You and your team are so cute. And it sounds like you are working well together and making it through the hurdles and tough times. :)

  3. Ashley says:

    That sock yarn–so pragmatic, so supportive. The perfect teammate! I’m glad the new pattern worked out so nicely. It looks–insofar as I can translate the chart in my head–very pretty. And perfect with the green yarn!

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