amazing lace detour: frog it, or knit it?

A detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. In this Detour, teams must decide between two grueling choices: Frog It, or Knit It?

In Frog It, teams will take out the single sock (Minty-titled “Anastasia sock”)* they’ve completed.

Anastasia socks (take 1?)

From here, teams will start over, using the same essential stitch pattern (Digaonal Faggoting Stripes) but reducing the number of stitches around and finessing the cuff a bit more. Teams will have to decide whether to keep the detail of the pattern extending into the toe area or not. This decision could be anguishing, because it means about 3 days of work gone, but in the end it could lead to a more satisfied recipient, and team.

In Knit It, teams say “screw it” and start on the second sock, mirroring the pattern in the first sock and not worrying at it too much.

Which do YOU think Minty will choose?

Anastasia socks (take 1?) “Sigh. The perfectionist in me needs to frog this. I hate the idea of it, but I wouldn’t feel right giving these as a gift. The boy says that my obsessing over this one sock is reaching masochistic levels; I’ve taken it out twice before but had never gotten this far. But it’s just not sitting well. Something ain’t right with this sock, and it’s going to need some work.”

koigu sock yarn“If it doesn’t feel right, you shouldn’t force it. There really are issues with these socks. 1) The stitch pattern doesn’t really show up unless the socks are stretched more. You did a good job figuring out your gauge and matching it to the recipient’s size (8, not Minty’s shoe size actually), and it fits nicely, but you really do need to make it smaller to show it off in its best light. That’s hard to assess, considering you wear a 7.5, so the sock should feel just a wee bit big anyway. 2) The extension of the pattern into the toe is a sweet little detail, but it may lead to more wear, with toes catching on the holes, etc. It might be more impractical than necessary. 3) And the k1p1 rib, well, to be honest, kind of looks like ass. 4) I won’t even point out the craptastic castoff you did. Bottom line: You can do better.”

Anastasia socks (take 1?)“I guess the answer is clear. I’ll start over with the other ball of yarn, though, because that way I can do a side-by-side comparison and decide which really is better. I’m still happy with the stitch I chose, and I think it’s a good one for vareigated yarn, because it has fairly wide expanses of stockinette. I hate when lace gets lost in the vareigations. Plus, it’s not really such a heartbreak to have more time to knit with this Koigu, which really feels so lovely.”

*Definitely inspired by the Mata Hari socks, with their spiral of eyelets, but still a Minty creation, such as they are, going toe-up, using a short-row toe and short-row heel. I like the continuous double line of holes, plus the texture that the k2togs creates.

6 Responses to amazing lace detour: frog it, or knit it?

  1. Ashley says:

    Ack. The knitter’s most agonizing dilemma. For what it’s worth, I think they look great–but I also know what I would do if I were you. Sigh. Being anal–ahem, I mean, totally dedicated to one’s craft–is a pain.

  2. Laura says:

    I think that the sock looks great, but I also see why you would want to frog. I’d definitely knit the second one before frogging the first. They won’t match, and you’ll still have to frog the first, but it would be good to be able to compare.

  3. Liz K. says:

    I just discovered your blog, and love those eyelets on the variegated sock yarn. I have been eye-ing Mata-Hari for a while, but wondered if the eyelets would show up…now with your design, I know. From one Philly Knitter to another…

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