mr muffeleta, ne mr mumbles

I just had to share this story with you all, because it made me so happy.

Last Thursday I stayed up past 1am to finish knitting Mr Mumbles for our friend before the boy left for a weekend with the guys. He got back Sunday night and started telling me about the trip, when I cut him of—did you remember to give Mr Mumbles to AC?

The boy assured me that he’d given AC the toy, and that AC had loved it. I asked if Mumbles got wet or anything (the East Coast had intense downpours Friday night—I even lost power!), and he quickly said, “no, no, he was fine.” I replied, “Oh, I guess he was just tossed in a car after you gave him.”

But no! Apparently Mr Mumbles became the lucky charm/mascot of the entire weekend! (Especially at their poker games.) AC had trouble remembering the name we’d come up with, always supplying a different M-word: Marbles, Muffeleta, etc. I think Muffeleta stuck, because he sent me some pictures today and called him Muffeleta. There were more shots, mostly guys hamming it up with the toy. (None of my boyfriend with him, though.) I will share with you this silly one; a friend making a new friend, I guess:


I emailed the guy in this photo to ask him what the heck he’s doing, and he claims that this is not him in the shot. Perhaps I should blur his face, but too bad—I love him posturing while clutching a knit toy! :)

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