the summer of socks!

Starting a few weeks ago, I declared it the Summer of Sparkling Wine, and now whenever we go out for drinks, I order a glass of sparkling wine (preferably not champagne). It’s fun to be handed a delicate flute of a bubbling beverage. I feel so refined. I should point out that the Summer of Sparkling Wine really only applies at the more sophisticated establishments we tend to frequent; not the neighborhood bar.

Separately, it’s also the Summer of Socks, and though the drinking has been going on for a few months now (uh, I should check the calendar more closely), the Summer of Socks only officially begins today.

And it’s about damn time, too, because I finished those socks for dad on Friday and I’ve been itching to start another pair! This pair will be for my boyfriend’s sister, and won’t be given to her until Christmas (but don’t worry, she and I wear the same size shoe so I can easily model them!). I’m calling them Anastasia Socks, in honor of the recipient’s middle name, but also because, well, who doesn’t want to give Anastasia Krupnik a little shout out, even if it’s completely unrelated?

The yarn is this:

koigu sock yarn

My first Koigu! I did a little swatch and it’s heavenly, just heavenly. I like the rainbow of colors quite a lot, too. The actual effect is much more pink/purple, less blue than this picture might indicate.

I’m off to cast on for real; progress shots, hopefully, later this week. I’m making the pattern up, too, and though I’ve done some sketching and some charting, I’m not confident about the exact number of stitches I want to cast on, so this may require some frogging.

6 Responses to the summer of socks!

  1. Ashley says:

    Oh, sweet ‘gu. Sweet, sweet ‘gu. Don’t worry, it holds up to frogging quite well.

    I’ve been having a fling with prosecco lately. Mmm, sparkly summer.

  2. Rachel says:

    I for one would be very interested to see the results if you were to combine the Summer of Sparkling Wine and the Summer of Socks very closely.

    Lovely yarn! Good luck with the made-up pattern.

  3. Bossygirl says:

    I just wrote a comment to someone else about her using Koigu–I haven’t tried it yet, and am thinking this is a must! Your yarn is so, so, lovely. Can’t wait to see the socks that come out of it.

  4. Betty in Texas says:

    yes, thre is Koigu in the stash and I just can’t let myself touch it yet. well, I confess, I touch it a lot, but to start a project means it will be leaving my stash. and then the other yarns will want attention, too…I think I need therapy here. socks seem so healing, so … sane.

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