Anastasia Socks Errata

Many thanks to Jeanie for pointing out an omission from the Anastasia Socks pattern.

When working the pattern from the chart, odd-numbered rows are knit.

And I just noticed this, which I will also fix.
Under “Heel,” it has directions for dealing with the instep versus the heel stitches, but the text is leftover from the Zokni socks (top-down socks, not toe-up), and actually makes no sense whatsoever, though you would probably figure it out. It should say:

If using Magic Loop or two circulars, needle 1 will have the instep and needle 2 will have the heel stitches. If working on dpns, rearrange the stitches so that the heel stitches are all on one needle. Put instep stitches onto another needle or waste yarn while working the heel.

The pattern file will be updated; if you received the pattern on or before July 19, 2006, the pdf is missing this information. If you would like a new copy of the pattern, just let me know. It will be ready tonight.

3 Responses to Anastasia Socks Errata

  1. somebunnysloveDOTcom says:

    Love the sock pattern! I was trying to find a sock pattern to fit my active sister’s lifestyle and still show her “girly” side. Anastasia totally fits the bill. Please send if possible!

  2. Valerie says:

    Hello! I just started reading your blog a couple days ago, i think I came from a link on someone else’s blog… I absolutely love the Anastasia pattern and would love a copy. I couldnt find out if it was free or not. Zokni looks a little tough for me at the moment, so Ill pass on that one! Keep up the good work, your patterns are very nice!

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