it’s too hot to wear knitted shoes

But this woman I was walking behind on my way home yesterday was doing just that.

thick knit

What is up with this? The footwear is like that of a hippie, and yet she was wearing a short skirt and was altogether not a hippie. I saw them and immediately thought, “I have just got to take a photo of these.” So I got out the camera and tried to be as subtle as possible. But it’s kind of hard; you need to stop moving so the picture will come out, and so you take a few steps up to get closer so that when you stop and she keeps moving you can still get some good detail. Took me quite a lot of shots. Which is even more ridiculous, when you think about it, because it means I was taking a few steps, stopping, then taking a few more steps. I can’t believe she didn’t turn around! I’m quite pleased with the end results, but I’m still baffled by the garment. I can’t even express how out of place this was here in Philly.

thick knit

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