an unlikely lace model

The final Amazing Lace challenge is to find an unlikely model. I didn’t participate in the last challenge, due more to forgetfulness than anything else, and I have been racking my brain to think of a good unlikely lace model. I thought about statues, colonial people (though I didn’t see any the day I went looking), etc. Eventually, I went with this:

socks on car

This is unlikely for two reasons, not least of which is that cars do not wear socks. The other reason is that cars do not factor into my life much. That is, it’s unlikely that I have a car to hang my socks on! But I went out and rented a car, just for this photo.

OK, not really; I was headed to a family picnic in north Jersey. But it is the last thing I would have thought to put my socks on! They hung out inside, too:

socks in car

4 Responses to an unlikely lace model

  1. Rachel says:

    I rather like socks on a car as a decoration. Some people have bumper stickers, others bobbleheads, and others hand-knit socks! It’s just one more way to assert one’s personality through one’s vehicle.

    And then we knitters would have an easy way to recognize each other!

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