coming in late: cast-on podcast

The other day, our computer’s hard drive was looking dangerously full, and in a somewhat brash move I decided to delete all of the music I had on the computer. In truth, this was not a horrible decision, because all the music I have was already on the ipod, and I don’t burn CDs ever. But this meant that when I opened my iTunes to listen to Tim Gunn’s Project Runway podcast, it was the only thing in my iTunes! Since it was feeling lonely, I decided to investigate the whole world of podcasts more.

Naturally, I went looking for the premiere knitting one, Cast-On by Brenda Dayne. I’d heard about it before, of course, but I still wasn’t qute sure what it would be like. When I downloaded all of the podcasts, which go back to Halloween of last year, I was shocked to see that so many are around an hour long. “What in the world could she be talking about for that long?”

Well, I listened to the first one while I was baking a pie, and I discovered that I had been missing a true gem all this time. Her podcast is like all of the blogs I like best: A perfect balance between meta-discussion (about podcasting), life stories, and good knitting content. She’s introspective but also light and funny, and in fact her Snow Day episode, which has no knitting content at all and is really just an audio interlude, made me cry. It was so beautiful! It was about Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday, and it had me remembering so vividly where I was last Thanksgiving, when I was in Portland with my closest friends cooking and celebrating (and even celebrating my birthday). And speaking of those friends, there’s something about Brenda’s cadence and emphasis that reminds me so very much of one of those friends, EL, who has some radio experience, and it’s very comforting to listen to.

A note about the music in the podcasts–because for those who don’t know, the format is some talk, a song, some more talk, another song. It’s like a radio show in which the DJ is focused more on knitting than anything else. I was skeptical that I would like this aspect of the show, but I’m finding that I love her music choices. The music all comes from the podsafe music network, which must make music available for free from the artists, and though they are not signed with music labels the quality is excellent.
So if you were like me and hadn’t given these podcasts a try, please go take a listen! You can find them and subscribe through iTunes, or you can go to the Web site and download them individually.

Does anyone have another knitting-related podcast that you listen to regularly? She’s mentioned a few others, but I haven’t downloaded any yet. Recommendations?

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  1. Ariel says:

    I really like Limenviolet. I think if you search for “kniting” in iTunes it’s the top one right now. KnitCast is also really good, but she hasn’t made a new one in a while. :)

  2. Marilyn says:

    I listened to a podcast once and found it so boring. The monotone voice just about killed me. I’ll try Brenda Dayne’s Cast-on and then think about buying an iPod. In New Zealand, they probably cost an arm and a leg, but if this would make it easier to walk on a treadmill for a little longer, it’ll be worth it.

    I read your blog often. I really enjoy your joie-de-vivre! The way you stop and take a photo of some gal wearing knitted boots. I wondered why you didn’t stop her and ask her for the pattern!?! See, I would have! Ha!

  3. Rachel says:

    Forgive me for skipping over the main point of your post to say: you do have your music backed up somewhere else, right??? Please please please don’t keep it only on your iPod. It’ll get stolen or your iPod will freeze up or something like that and then you’ll be very very sad. Trust me.

    If you already have your music all backed up in six different places, please forgive my admonishing tone. :)

    I will try the Cast On podcast, but I must admit my limited experience with knitting podcasts has not delighted me so far. Perhaps I have been listening to the wrong ones.

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